Poitrine de dinde à la sauce aux canneberges
27 September 2023
Pour l'Action de Grâce, épatez vos invités avec une délicieuse recette de poitrine de dinde à la sauce aux canneberges.
Boeuf Bourguignon
26 September 2023
Beef Bourguignon stands out as a perfect comforting dish for the autumn chill! This specialty combines tender meat, the sweetness of vegetables, and depth of flavors. Here's our recipe for grass-fed beef Bourguignon...
Boulettes de viande
20 September 2023
Meatballs have incredible versatility in both taste and preparation. In addition to being versatile, meatballs offer a multitude of health and convenience benefits. We offer you several original combinations for making your meatballs.
Comment cuire une dinde
19 September 2023
Ferme des Voltigeurs turkeys are fed exclusively vegetable grain, which means they receive no animal by-products in their diet. Being air-cooled, the meat does not shrink when cooked, offering a much better value than conventionally farmed turkeys.
08 September 2023
Cooking is a pleasant and creative activity, but it is sometimes challenging to find enough time to prepare small dishes, especially in our fast-paced lifestyle. Fortunately, there are numerous effective tips to save time in the kitchen without compromising the quality of your meals. Here are 9 practical strategies that will help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your dishes!
quiche au jambon
01 September 2023
Our ham and cheese quiche recipe is simply delicious, quick to cook and perfect for lunches!
soupe au poulet et gnocchis
31 August 2023
Our easy and comforting chicken and gnocchi soup recipe!
Saumon avec peau de pêcheries durables, patates et fèves
31 August 2023
Our one pan salmon recipe is easy to prepare and perfect for busy evenings! It's easy to cook and even easier to wash afterwards!
Salade tiède au canard confit, framboises et canneberges
31 August 2023
We present to you our simple little recipe for the end of summer: Warm salad with duck confit, raspberries and cranberries!