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Boîte remplie de viandes, poissons et fruits de mer locaux et surgelés

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Comptoir rempli de poissons et viandes locaux et responsables

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About the products

The products are sold individually, frozen and vacuum-packed. Delivery is free! A minimum order quantity applies depending on your region. By ordering by Monday 11 p.m., you can receive your order on Thursday

Our engagement

Environmental and community


Support the local economy by encouraging local producers who respect the environment and animals.

Natural quality

Eating meat that is raised without the use of antibiotics or additional hormones and fed more naturally.


From pasture farming to sustainable fishing, we encourage entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the industry like us by reducing their environmental impact.

Sustainable fisheries

From wild fishing to aquaculture, all of our seafood suppliers hold sustainability accreditations. All products are on Ocean Wise's "green" list.


One community, one mission.

We order on your site about once a month since the winter. Honestly, we are conquered. The quality of the products is impeccable and less expensive than the supermarket!


Not only is it not more expensive than the grocery store, but it is also delivered to your home and 100% sourced from Quebec! Not to mention the sustainable farming practices you support, we love it !


Truly quality products. It makes a difference, and your prices are great! Thank you!


The quality is incredible, you won my heart without a doubt!