Élevage Naturel Rougié

Duck breast marinated in cranberry port (325g)


Weight : 325g

Thawing time : 35 minutes

Internal cooking temperature:

55°C (131 °F) - rare

57 °C - 58 °C (134 °F - 136 °F) - rosé

60°C (140 °F) - medium

Optimal cooking method: In the pan or in the oven.

Farm : Rougié Natural Breeding

Farm details : Rougié raises the birds naturally in temperate, well-ventilated and regularly cleaned buildings. The animals move freely and have access to fresh water at all times. They benefit from a diet of plant grains and are raised without antibiotics, hormones or medications. Rougié's philosophy is based on respect for animal welfare, artisanal methods, and a passion for their profession shared by the entire team.

Ingredients : Cranberry juice, port, canola oil, dried cranberries, cider vinegar, maple sugar, salt, shallots, pepper, thyme

* Allergens: Sulphites

How to prepare it?

Serve it sliced ​​with a tropical salsa made from pineapple, mango and cilantro, and accompany it with basmati rice or quinoa or serve the sliced ​​duck breast with an orange sauce and accompany it with sautéed vegetables or sweet potato puree.