Les Cochonnailles

White pudding (250g)


Weight : 250g

Thawing time : 30 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 71°C (160°F)

Optimal cooking method: In the pan or in the oven.

Farm : Les Cochonnailles

Farm details : Les Cochonnailles is an artisanal Quebec manufacturer of fine charcuterie created in 1995. Based in Longueuil, it offers its specialties throughout Quebec. “Because we believe that eating well is a right, committing to quality is a duty. We seek to satisfy the pleasures of the senses by imagining new flavors or by perpetuating artisanal French recipes with the quality of Quebec products”

Gluten-free product .

White blood sausages are made from 70% pork and 30% veal. The meat is finely chopped then emulsified with milk and cream. The mixture is mixed with spices and pushed into all-natural casings. The final cooking is done by steam. 2 per pack.

Ingredients : Pork, milk, egg, port, salt, modified milk substance, soy protein, spices, sodium erythorbate.

Contains : milk, egg, soy

How to prepare it?

Sautéed apples are a classic side dish. If you want to be original, make a revisited version of the vols-au-vent by replacing the chicken with white pudding.