Bovin Charlevoix

100% natural beef osso bucco (600g)


Product: Grass-fed and grain-fed beef osso bucco without corn

Format: 600g

Farm: Cattle Charlevoix

The particularity of breeding Charlevoix cattle ? The oxen receive a diet based on grass, but also cereals without any corn, from sustainable agriculture in Charlevoix. This is the perfect recipe for producing extremely tender and natural meat. Oxen live on pasture all their lives with access to outdoor shelter to protect them from bad weather. Healthy animals, respect for the land and the environment, these are the priorities of breeders Marie-Frédérick and Félix.

- 100% natural beef without antibiotics or growth hormones

- Cereals from sustainable agriculture in Charlevoix 

- Without corn, growth hormones and antibiotics

- Outdoor life on pasture

- Healthy, nutrient-rich diet guarantees meat tenderness

- The meat is aged for 28 days

- *On the way to organic accreditation

Slow cooker beef osso bucco

Slow cooker beef osso bucco