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These 5 processed foods that we all buy, but which are so easy to cook!

03 March 2022

With our faster paced lives, the easy option is often to buy the majority of our foods processed and ready to eat. Canned foods, prepared meals, sugary drinks, reconstituted meats, granola bars, cereals... the list is long and of very little benefit to our health (and our wallet).

The National Institute of Public Health of Quebec has even already conducted a study which revealed that a third of the contents of the Quebec grocery basket is made up of ultra-processed foods...

The price to pay for processed products

Any processed product, whether it's a bag of grated carrots or a frozen meal, has required the intervention of a human, a machine or both, to end up on the grocery store shelves. This intervention obviously has a cost in terms of time and materials and this is what means that we pay much more for processed products.

In addition to being significantly more economical, processing and preparing foods that we buy daily ourselves allows us to reduce the additives and preservatives that are often (if not always) present in products prepared at home. advance.

3 tips for recognizing processed products

  • The first 3 ingredients of the product are: salt, sugar or fat
  • Several ingredient names are unknown or difficult to read
  • The list of ingredients is endless

Make it yourself: just as delicious and much less expensive

Many foods are found in our grocery basket on a recurring basis and are included in the majority of our recipes, so why not try cooking them yourself at home?

Here we offer you 5 simple recipes and ultra tasty that will help you save money and eat healthier:

Homemade broth: usually between $1.77 and $5.00 in grocery stores

In addition to being free, homemade broth allows you to reduce food waste and recover what would normally be put in the trash or compost.

Find here a recipe for chicken, vegetable and beef broth as well as tips for storing them properly!

Pesto: usually between $4.49 and $7.49 in grocery stores

With a basil plant at home that you grow in summer, eating pesto all year round is much more accessible than you think!

Find here a nut-free pesto recipe that you can incorporate almost anywhere in your favorite dishes.

Tomato sauce: usually between $1.19 and $6.99 in grocery stores

Who says tomato sauce says pizzas, soups, pastas and more! It's always worth cooking in large quantities so that you have reserves and never run out.

Find a recipe here that can be made in just 20 minutes!

Mayonnaise: usually between $4.44 and $5.99 in grocery stores

Did you know that canola oil is an oil to avoid? It is the first food in almost all processed mayonnaises. Mayonnaise is one of the foods that you don't think of making yourself, but which is nevertheless so much better and more economical! Plus, it requires ingredients that we always have in our pantry and fridge.

Find here a homemade mayonnaise recipe ready in 1 minute tops.

Psst! By adding herbs, spices or a spicy sauce to your basic mayonnaise, you can easily transform it into Asian mayonnaise for Poké Bowls, Mexican for tacos, or BBQ style for sandwiches! The possibilities are limitless!

Breadcrumbs: usually between $3.49 and $3.79 in grocery stores

You don’t even need a recipe to make homemade breadcrumbs! All you need is some dried bread and grind it in a food processor. Nothing could be more economical and quick.

Want to discover other tips to reduce your monthly grocery bill and eat healthier? It's this way !

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