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6 reasons that will convince you to buy local

19 April 2022

When we talk about responsible consumption, the option of buying local is often mentioned, but too often criticized by many who claim that this mode of consumption is much more expensive.

It's hard to hide from you that local purchasing is important to us, being a company that tries to put local producers forward! Are you starting to become interested in responsible eating? Try to eat local first! We strongly believe that it is more beneficial for our environment and our society to make such choices. Here are 6 reasons that will convince you to buy local, both for your food and for your other expenses:

To consume fresh, high-quality food

More often than not, local meats, fish and fruits and vegetables are of better quality than the same products from elsewhere, for several reasons.

First of all, it is obvious that the loss of freshness during long transportation affects the quality of the products that end up on our plate! Let us also note that for the vast majority of foreign fruits and vegetables, the picking is done before maturity, which leads to a considerable loss of vitamins and minerals, since they do not ripen in entirely natural conditions.

In the end, prices are often the same (sometimes slightly more expensive) for local products than for products from other countries, since transport costs are replaced by costs which justify the better quality of the products purchased. We don't know about you, but we'd rather pay for quality than for more GHGs!

For product traceability

Have you ever bought meat at the supermarket, knowing very clearly which farm it came from? By sourcing from local farms, whether on a human scale or a little larger, we can trace the animal's journey in an instant. This is not only possible because our partners have responsible and ethical practices, but also because we maintain direct contact with them. We challenge you to obtain such details by buying in bulk from the big American banners ;)!

Because it doesn't cost more

On the contrary, if you are looking for quality products from elsewhere, they may be more expensive. This is explained by the fact that transport obviously generates additional costs, but also by the numerous preservatives that are added to food to try to maintain a semblance of freshness.

By buying local, we therefore reduce the transport required to obtain the products, but also all the chemicals used for conservation. This is even easier by eating according to the seasons and adapting to the different harvests that take place throughout the year. Adapting our consumption according to the seasons allows us to save more, all the more reason to advocate local!

To reduce our ecological footprint

Did you know that the sector that produces the most GHG emissions is transportation (road, air, maritime, rail and off-road)? Sourcing locally requires less transportation, which considerably reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to this activity.

When it comes to the use of pesticides and chemical products for crops, Quebec and Canadian producers are also subject to more rules and standards than foreign producers. This means that by buying local, you encourage more sustainable practices that minimize impacts on the environment!

To support more ethical and animal-friendly businesses

In addition to being responsible on an environmental level, local producers are also responsible on a social level. The decentralization of production and processing effectively allows large multinationals to considerably reduce their costs, specifically on labor, by neglecting the working conditions of workers.

In Quebec, companies are strongly regulated regarding the remuneration and other working conditions of their employees, which ensures that we encourage more ethical practices, from production to marketing.

When it comes to animal respect, the key is proximity between the consumer and the breeder. Talking directly with producers, visiting farms and choosing to encourage certain practices over others is priceless! Of course, not everyone can afford to buy directly from the farm. This is why Réserve Locale was born! We provide the direct bridge between the consumer and the farm.

To promote the work of our Quebec producers and stimulate the local economy

As the slogan says so well: to buy is to vote! Consuming locally therefore also means injecting our money into the economy of our region. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ), if each Quebecer purchased $30 more in Quebec products per year, we would inject a billion dollars more into the Quebec economy in five years.

At Réserve Locale, our mission is to inspire and help Quebecers to adopt more responsible and healthier eating habits, by offering them products from local producers who respect the environment and animals.

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