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Organic King Chinook Salmon (200g) | British Columbia

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Products : Organic Chinook (King) salmon, without antibiotics, without GMOs, without growth hormones.

Weight : 170g

Thawing time : 20 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 70°C (158°F)

Optimal cooking method: In the pan or in the oven.

Aquaculture: Creative King Salmon (British Columbia, Tofino)

Aquaculture Details: Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification, raising only one species of Pacific fish in the Pacific Ocean. No GMO; No growth hormones; No use of antibiotics; Natural food sources from fisheries that meet Food and Agriculture Organization standards; A low-density environment (more than twice as much space for fish movement and growth as a conventional breeding environment).

How to prepare it?

Salmon is a tasty and healthy fish. Serve it as fish and chips or as a gratin. Reinvent the classic burger with salmon. Perfect for poke bowls, skewers and papillotes.

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