Ferme Avibross

Boneless turkey thighs (500g)


Weight : 500g

Thawing time : 35 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 74°C (165°F)

Optimal cooking method: In the pan or in the oven.

Farm : Avibross Farm

Farm details : In 2008, the Avibross farm took a natural turn and moved away from conventional breeding techniques. To this day, this family business is a 100% natural turkey producer. She believes that animal welfare plays an essential role in our food chain and that is why their turkeys are free-range, plant-based grain fed and raised without added hormones or antibiotics. This farm implements stress-free poultry breeding and handling methods in order to offer healthy, quality products. In addition, all of their 100% natural turkey products are made entirely in Quebec.

How to prepare it?

Its tender and juicy meat can be discovered by slow cooking in a slow cooker or marinated and grilled on the BBQ. Many spices go well with turkey. You can add garlic, basil, curry, chives, coriander, tarragon, ginger, paprika, sage or thyme when cooking.