Famille Fontaine

Veal chops (2 X 225g)


Weight : 450 g (2 X 225g)

Thawing time : 45 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 66°C (150°F)

Optimal cooking method: In the oven.

Farm : Fontaine Family

Details about the farm : Since the creation of Famille Fontaine, the owners, over the years, have always respected and preserved the values ​​of the three Fontaine brothers who founded this company near Saint-Hyacinthe. This passion for doing things well, respecting animals and the environment and offering quality products to consumers has been passed down from generation to generation. Their founding principles are at the origin of their desire to offer their customers superior quality and food safety, while integrating sustainable development practices and good breeding practices. This local family business, which has become a North American leader, offers its consumers meat from milk-fed veal and grain-fed veal, raised without growth hormones and fed healthily with rich and nutritious foods.

How to prepare it?

Think outside the box and try frying your veal chops to get a crispy crust. Accompany your veal chops with classics like roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables or coleslaw. If you want to explore new options, serve the chops with gnocchi or parsnip puree.