Ferme Rang 4

Sliced ​​bacon 250g


Weight : 250g

Thawing time : 30 minutes

Optimal cooking method: In the pan, in the microwave or in the oven.

Farm : Farm Rang 4 (Saint-Ambroise, Mascouche).

Details about the farm : Le Rang 4 is one of the rare Quebec companies to control each stage of breeding, through slaughtering, processing, distribution and marketing. The company's buildings are located within a radius of just one kilometer, allowing the animals to avoid the long hours of driving to the slaughterhouse (thus significantly reducing their stress levels). The Forget family raises pigs on a grain diet, without the addition of antibiotics or growth hormones. 

How to prepare it?

Add it to your favorite sandwiches and salads. Coat your vegetables or meat with bacon to enhance the flavors. In the oven, in the pan or in the microwave, it's up to you to choose the cooking method that suits you!