Tranches de surlonge d'agneau nourri aux algues

Marinated lamb sirloin slices

04 December 2023

Our slices of lamb sirloin with seaweed offer you a unique taste experience. Bearer of the Gaspé identity, our meat offers you a harmonious blend combining the flavors of the land and the sea. The lambs are fed with Quebec grains and forage grown on the farm. Dried seaweed is added to the lambs' grain mixture. All feed that is given to the lambs is of the highest quality to produce the best meat on the market. However, in addition to being certain of obtaining an animal-friendly product and encouraging local producers, you catch a little piece of the very essence of Gaspésie in each piece. An eco-responsible choice and a delicious 100% Quebec product.

Here is a little idea for a marinade to make with slices of lamb sirloin.



  1. In a mortar, mix all the marinade ingredients and crush them with the pestle.
  2. Cover the sirloin slices with the marinade and mix well.
  3. Marinate the meat in the mixture for at least 2 hours.
  4. Cook in a pan or on the barbecue and check using a cooking thermometer.
  5. Serve!

Internal cooking temperature:

60 °C (140°F) - rare

65 °C (150°F) - medium

70 °C (160°F) - well done

Side dish ideas: Mashed potatoes, polenta, steamed vegetables, gratins, etc.

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