Porc du Québec

Pork escalope (200g)


Weight: 200g (1 cutlet)

Defrost time: 15 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 71 °C (160 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the pan or on the barbecue.

Farm: Ferme du Rang 4

Farm DetailsLa ferme du Rang 4 has been a family affair since 1534. This company is one of the few Quebec companies to control every stage of breeding through slaughter, processing and distribution to marketing. Rang 4 farm buildings are located within a one kilometer radius of each other to reduce the environmental footprint of transportation between these activities. The Forget family raises its pigs by giving them quality feed and care and markets products without antibiotics or growth hormones. Indeed, they attach great importance to the choice of grains used to feed the pigs. They also have accreditations (BEA accreditation and AQC accreditation) which certify that the Rang 4 farm respects and ensures the well-being of all their animals. Throughout production, this company carries out rigorous follow-ups so that we can offer you products that exceed market standards.

How to prepare it?

Accompany the pork with a mustard sauce or make a parmigiana recipe. Pork escalope are great for grilling or stuffing. Coat the cutlets with breadcrumbs and make the breadcrumbs so that they are crispy!