Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Organic smoked bacon 100g


Weight: 100g

Defrost time: 15 minutes

Preferred cooking method: In the pan, in the microwave or in the oven.

Farm: Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Farm detailsRaised according to the principles of organic farming, the pigs from the farm Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix are fed farm-grown feed and have access to ample outdoor space, as well as natural-lit enclosures. They have access to fresh air and can roll around in the mud, just like any happy pig! 

*Nitrite-free and preservative-free.

*Recyclable packaging.

Note : Cook until an internal temperature of 70°C is reached. Once opened, protect the product from light and air.

How to prepare it? 

Add to your favorite sandwiches and salads. Wrap your vegetables or meat in bacon to enhance the flavors. In the oven, pan or microwave, it's up to you to choose the cooking method that suits you!