Creative King Salmon

Organic King Chinook Salmon (200g) | British Columbia


Products: Organic Chinook (King) salmon, without antibiotics, without GMOs, without growth hormones.

Weight: 170g

Defrost time: 20 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 70 °C (158 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the pan or in the oven. 

Aquaculture: Creative King Salmon (British Columbia, Tofino)

Aquaculture Details: Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification, raising only a species of Pacific fish in the Pacific Ocean. No GMOs; No growth hormones; No use of antibiotics; Natural food sources from fisheries that meet the standards of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; A low density environment (more than twice as much space for fish movement and growth as a conventional farming environment).

How to prepare it? 

Salmon is a tasty and healthy fish. Serve it as fish and chips or as a gratin. Reinvent the classic burger with salmon. Perfect for poke bowl, skewers and papillotes. 


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