Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Organic Charlevoix | Chicken & Pork


All these products come from the Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Organic grain-fed chicken 

2 X ± 300 g |Organic chicken thighs  

1 X ± 450 g | Organic chicken breasts

1 X ± 2 kg | Organic whole chicken

2 X ± 450 g | Ground chicken biological 

organic pork

2 X ± 125 g |Organic smoked bacon 

2 X ± 160 g | Organic sliced white ham 

2 X ± 300 g | Organic pork fillets 

1 X 3 units | Organic pre-cooked chicken sausages

1 X 5 units | Organic Smoked Pork Sausages 

*The product photo is for reference only. 

** Post-cooking yield peaks at high performance, meaning you will be left with plenty of meat and little loss. We often tell people to do their cost calculation “after cooking”. We can count more than 15% more yield than other similar chicken brands on the market. Uninjected chicken takes longer to cook so we recommend slow cooking to avoid toughening the flesh

Smoked pork sausages can easily be sliced ​​in half lengthwise to fill two hot dog buns, since they weigh more than a typical hot dog sausage.