Pork and bacon medallion (2 X 175g)


Weight: 350 g (2 X 175 g)

Defrost time: 25 minutes 

Internal cooking temperature: 71 °C (160 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the pan, in the oven and on the barbecue.

Farm: DuBreton

Farm Details Even after three generations of acquisitions, this innovative farm maintains the same values ​​focused on respect and sustainable development, as well as the same mission: to connect the farm with consumers who respect the environment and animals. This company specializes in the production of organic pork and is distributed in several countries around the world. For the members of the DuBreton company, their desire for transparency, credibility and animal welfare have led them to seek recognized certifications and to raise animals without cages where they can freely express their natural behaviors.