Agneau nourri aux algues

Mouse lamb shanks (1 unit)


Weight: 400g

Thawing time: 1 hour

Internal cooking temperature:

60 °C (140 °F) - rare

65 °C (150°F) - medium

70 °C (160°F) - well done

Optimal cooking method: In the oven.

Farm: L’agnet de Chez-Nous

How to prepare it?

Lamb shanks are a delicious and versatile cut of meat. Lamb shanks are perfect for slow, braised cooking.

Lamb with seaweed from Gaspésie

Manon and Sylvain now have more than 50 years of experience in breeding different breeds of sheep, particularly for the production of heavy lambs and sheep's milk. However, it has been 10 years since they created their unique product, their authentic lamb with seaweed.

Lamb with seaweed offers you a unique taste experience. Bearer of the Gaspé identity, our meat offers you a harmonious blend combining the flavors of the land and the sea. The lambs are fed with Quebec grains and forage grown on the farm. Dried seaweed is added to the lambs' grain mixture. All feed that is given to the lambs is of the highest quality to produce the best meat on the market. However, in addition to being certain of obtaining an animal-friendly product and encouraging local producers, you catch a little piece of the very essence of Gaspésie in each piece. Each cut, tender, marbled and tasty, offers you a culinary journey to this corner of the country. An eco-responsible choice and a delicious 100% Quebec product.

👉 Respect for biodiversity

👉 GMO-free food without growth hormones and preventive antibiotics

👉 Field management for sustainable agriculture 

👉 Ecocert Canada certified

Lamb shanks and creamy polenta Lamb shanks and polenta