Grass-fed beef marrow bone (450g)


Weight: 450 g

Defrost time: 30 minutes


Preferred cooking method:  In the oven. When cooked, the marrow easily detaches from the bone.

Farm: Ferme d'Anjou et Fils

Farm DetailsFerme D'Anjou et Fils, located in Saint-Agapit, produces grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef means that it has spent its life grazing on a pasture, rather than being penned in and fed on grain. A natural, grass-fed diet produces leaner meat that is higher in antioxidants and vitamins, and contains twice as much omega-3 fatty acids as conventionally raised beef. La Ferme D'Anjou et Fils raises high quality beef, without using antibiotics, hormones or synthetic pesticides.

How to prepare it? 

This piece is perfect for adding flavor to your soups or making a tasty broth. Try making a sandwich by mixing the cooked marrow with herbs and spices or an osso buco. The garlic roasted marrow bone is a must!