Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Organic ground chicken (450g)


Weight: 450g

Defrost time: thaw the chicken at least 24 hours in advance and refrigerate to preserve its texture. 

Internal cooking temperature: 74 °C (165 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the pan, in the oven or on the barbecue.

Farm: Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

Farm Details: Chickens from Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix have access to an outdoor enclosure during the summer season and to buildings with large windows, giving them access to natural light at all times. The chickens are free-range and without hormones or antibiotics. Their feed comes from organic grains grown on the farm itself. Organic product.

How to prepare this product:

Use it to prepare delicious meatballs, burgers or Bolognese sauces rich in flavor. With its tender texture and natural flavor, organic ground chicken is a nutritious choice for balanced meals.

Did you know?

The post-cooking yield reaches a peak of high performance, i.e.You will be left with plenty of flesh and little waste. We often tell people to do their cost calculation “after cooking”. We can count over 15% more yield than other similar chicken brands on the market. Uninjected chicken takes longer to cook so we recommend slow cooking to avoid toughening the flesh.