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Porto cranberry marinated duck leg (400g)


Weight: 400g g

Defrost time: 30 minutes

Internal cooking temperature: 74 °C (165 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the oven.

Farm: Élevage Naturel Rougié

Farm DetailsThe Rougié family, which has existed since 1875, began transmitting its know-how to Quebec in 2005 by producing in the Eastern Townships with family and artisanal farms. Rougié raises the birds naturally in temperate buildings, well ventilated and regularly cleaned. Animals move freely and have access to fresh water at all times. They are fed vegetable grains and raised without antibiotics, hormones or drugs. Rougié's philosophy is based on respect for animal well-being, artisanal methods, and a passion for their profession shared by the entire team.

How to prepare this product:

Succumb to the tenderness of candied meat and the perfect balance between the sweetness of port and the acidity of cranberries. This bold combination promises an exquisite taste experience. Serve it with mashed celeriac or potatoes to enhance this delicious blend of flavors."

Ingredients: Cranberry juice, port, canola oil, dried cranberries, cider vinegar, maple sugar, salt, shallots, pepper, thyme

Allergens: Sulfites

How to prepare it? 

How to prepare it? 

You can accompany the duck legs with different sauces, such as an orange sauce or a red fruit sauce, and serve them with roasted vegetables, a citrus salad, sautéed potatoes or mashed potatoes. earth.