Ferme du Rang 4

Boneless center pork chops 1" (3 chops per package)


Product and weight: 3 chops per pack of 180g each

Defrost time: 1h

Internal cooking temperature: 71 °C (160 °F)

Preferred cooking method: In the pan or on the barbecue.

Farm: Ferme du Rang 4. 

Whyt Rang 4 farm?

Rang 4 is one of the few Quebec companies to control every stage of breeding, including slaughter, processing, distribution and marketing. The company buildings are located within a radius of only one kilometer, which allows the animals to avoid the long hours of driving to the slaughterhouse (thereby reducing their stress levels considerably). The Forget family raises pigs on a grain diet, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones.

 How to prepare it? 

Pair your pork chops with classics like roast potatoes, grilled vegetables or coleslaw. If you want to explore new flavors, try a chorizo ​​and mushroom risotto or a mango and chilli chutney.