Famille Fontaine

Calf flank steak (196g)


Weight: 196 g 

Defrost time: 45 minutes 

Internal cooking temperature:

63°C (145°F) - medium-rare

71°C (160°F) - medium

77°C (170°F) - well done  

Preferred cooking method: First, cook your meat in a skillet over high heat and then finish cooking in the oven.

Farm: Famille Fontaine

Farm details: Famille Fontaine aims to do well, to offer a good quality of life to calves. Doing it right, working only with producers who share family values ​​and raise calves to the highest ethical standards. Doing it right, to feed Canadians with exceptional meat.

How to prepare it?

For optimal cooking in the oven, sear the piece of meat in a pan and finish cooking in the oven afterwards. It is also possible to cook the meat on the barbecue. Calf flank steak goes wonderfully with mashed potatoes, risotto or sautéed vegetables. Serve it with a red wine sauce.