Ferme du Rang 4

Ferme du Rang 4 has been a family affair since 1534. This company is one of the few Quebec companies to control every stage of breeding through slaughter, processing and distribution to marketing. Rang 4 buildings are located within a one kilometer radius of each other to reduce the environmental footprint of transportation between these activities. The Forget family raises its pigs by giving them quality feed and care and markets products without antibiotics or growth hormones. Indeed, they attach great importance to the choice of grains used to feed the pigs. They also have accreditations (BEA accreditation and AQC accreditation) which certify that Ferme du Rang 4 respects and ensures the well-being of all their animals. Throughout production, this company carries out rigorous follow-ups so that we can offer you products that exceed market standards.

Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix

From generation to generation, the Girard family, owner of Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix, has kept the same values ​​and the same business model: local, organic, authentic and superior quality products. Indeed, this family farm, certified organic, offers a variety of pork, chicken and turkey products. Animal welfare is at the heart of their concerns and this was their primary motivation for adopting organic farming practices. From the start of the process to the end, the animals are treated with respect. Babies longer with their mothers, natural light for the animals, large enclosures, healthy and organic food produced directly on the farm; these are the practices used at Les Viandes Bio de Charlevoix. This local farm is convinced that a happy, stress-free animal that enjoys an environment in which it can express its species-specific behaviors will develop strong immunity capable of dealing with pathogen invasions. A healthy animal therefore creates quality meat, which is, by extension, healthier for humans.

DuBreton Rustic

It all started in 1944 with Napoleon Breton and his wife Adrienne, a couple of passionate farmers, who decided to build a business in their image: proud, responsible and respectful. Even after three generations of acquisitions, this innovative farm maintains the same values ​​focused on respect and sustainable development, as well as the same mission: to connect the farm with consumers who respect the environment and animals. This company specializes in the production of organic pork and is distributed in several countries around the world. For the members of the duBreton Rustic, their desire for transparency, credibility and animal welfare have led them to seek recognized certifications and to raise animals without cages where they can freely express their natural behaviors.

Famille Fontaine

Since the creation of Famille Fontaine, the owners, over the years, have always known how to respect and preserve the values ​​of the three Fontaine brothers who founded this company near Saint-Hyacinthe. This passion for doing things right, respecting animals and the environment and offering quality products to consumers has been passed down from generation to generation. Their founding principles are at the root of their desire to offer their customers superior food quality and safety, while integrating sustainable development and good farming practices. This local family business, which has become a North American leader, offers its consumers milk-fed veal and grain-fed veal, raised without growth hormones and fed healthily with rich, nutritious foods.

Ferme d'Anjou et Fils

Ferme D'Anjou et Fils, located in Saint-Agapit, produces grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef means that it has spent its life grazing on a pasture, rather than being penned in and fed on grain. A natural, grass-fed diet produces leaner meat that is higher in antioxidants and vitamins, and contains twice as much omega-3 fatty acids as conventionally raised beef. La Ferme D'Anjou et Fils raises high quality beef, without using antibiotics, hormones or synthetic pesticides.

Ferme Avibross

In 2008, the Ferme Avibross took a natural turn and moved away from conventional farming techniques. To this day, this family business is a 100% natural turkey producer. She is convinced that animal welfare plays a vital role in our food chain and that is why their turkeys are free range, vegetable grain fed and raised without added hormones or antibiotics. This farm implements stress-free breeding and handling methods for poultry in order to offer healthy and quality products. In addition, all of their 100% natural turkey products are made entirely in Quebec.

True North

True North is a family business that is in the production of fish and seafood. True North is the largest producer of fresh Atlantic salmon. This salmon is certified sustainable and naturally farmed. True North is proud to say that although it has evolved and innovated over the years, its values ​​have not changed. Just like the first generations of the company who started fishing in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, the current members of the company want to offer the freshest seafood possible. They want to stay real with their consumers, with the environment and with themselves. For this company, the health of their community depends on the health of the oceans. True North wants to ensure that future generations are left with healthy oceans and will do everything in its power to ensure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the company and the oceans.

La Maison du Gibier

La Maison du Gibier is a food supplier specializing in farmed game meat. Game farming is typically more responsible and places a lot of emphasis on raising free range animals. All Maison du Gibier products are processed here in Quebec and distributed in Canada only. Game meats have exceptional nutritional values. Indeed, these meats are low in cholesterol and saturated fat and have a high protein and iron content.

Pisciculture de Charlevoix

The Pisciculture de Charlevoix company, located in Les Éboulements, produces Arctic char, a fish very rich in fatty acids and omega-3s. Its char are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, the carbon footprint is minimal for sustainable and responsible farming. The Arctic char is carefully filleted and frozen for a short time after it comes out of the water, which gives the product great freshness. Pisciculture is one of the branches of aquaculture that refers to the farming of fish. This breeding is practiced in fully or partially closed spaces. Currently, pisciculture is seen as one of the means of meeting the high consumer demand for fish, while avoiding overfishing and the depletion of fishery resources.

Ferme des Voltigeurs

Whether it is grain-fed, organic, air-chilled or freshly packaged, the chicken raised in Quebec from the Ferme des Voltigeurs is of superior nutritional quality to the market. The farm's chickens are free range in a space 20% to 30% larger than the industry average. They are also raised in a natural environment, with adequate lighting and access to the outdoors with perches. The grain-fed chicken from Ferme des Voltigeurs is verified by Agro-com. This certifies that the chicken is truly grain-fed, all-vegetable, with no animal by-products. The company also offers premium quality chicken in its organic version. This chicken is fed pure water and all-organic vegetable grain. La Ferme des Voltigeurs meets the requirements of Ecocert Canada, which certifies that their chicken complies with all organic production standards. How long a chicken is raised makes a huge difference to the quantity and quality of its meat. At Ferme des Voltigeurs, it is often more than 35 days, compared to an industry average of 32 days. For La Ferme des Voltigeurs and for ourselves for that matter, a healthy chicken is a safe chicken for us!

Ferme d'Oka

Ferme Avicole d'Oka is one of the largest distributors of rabbits and fine poultry in North America. It was therefore one of the first pioneers in the production and marketing of fine poultry on a commercial scale in Quebec and Canada. Having acquired great expertise in poultry production over the past 30 years, La ferme Avicole d'Oka, in partnership with its breeders, is now more dedicated to the distribution, marketing and development of its products and tries daily to offer top quality products.

Les Cochonnailles

Les Cochonnailles is a Quebec artisanal manufacturer of fine charcuterie created in 1995, located in the territory of Longueuil, which offers its specialties throughout Quebec. The company has this mentality which says that “eating well is a right, committing to quality is a duty”. Precisely, Les Cochonnailles collaborates actively with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in all aspects of their mandates: hygiene, safety, labeling, manufacturing procedures, lifespan, financial aid.

True to his French origins, owner Ghyslain Marot also seeks to satisfy the pleasures of the senses by imagining new flavors and perpetuating artisanal French recipes with the quality of Quebec products. As a result, Les Cochonnailles creates products adapted to Quebec tastes that emphasize the quality of local ingredients while using authentic French craftsmanship.

Pêcherie Océanic

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of importing fish and seafood, Pêcheries Océanic has established a very effective quality control process. The company offers quality products that meet and exceed the standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They also make a rigorous selection of suppliers according to several specific criteria focused on quality and eco-responsibility. Pêcheries Océanic analyzes the products upon arrival and only markets products that meet and exceed the standards. In addition to having developed software specific to their needs as an importer, the company has also established a detailed internal data processing process to ensure traceability. 

To offer products that meet their responsible fishing criteria, Pêcheries Océanic works with various independent and recognized organizations that work to conserve marine resources, such as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership).

North Fork Ranch

Founded in 1985, The Northfork Ranch raises deer and bison on pasture, which allows the animal to graze on the grass (without pesticides) of the fields and, consequently, to preserve the biodiversity of the soils and the surrounding nature. In other words, this type of breeding could not be more natural and more respectful of the environment, since we really offer a wild life to the animals.

Fumoir St-Antoine

In 2002, Johane and Serge, founders of Fumoir St-Antoine, settled permanently in their ancestral home on rang St-Antoine in Baie-Saint-Paul and put their knowledge to good use by embarking on the artisanal production of smoked salmon with a unique taste. Fumoir St-Antoine is dedicated to the traditional Amerindian method of smoking salmon on wooden boards. This couple took pleasure in creating this small business with a distinctly local flavor and transmit their love and passion through their work to maintain consistent quality standards. The company exclusively uses certified fresh Atlantic salmon from New Brunswick.


Nanuk was born in 1970 as a Canadian brand of troll-caught salmon tailored for European smokers. Nanuk is the premium in-house brand of Oceanfood Sales and offers the highest possible quality of wild and farmed salmon. To ensure the quality of seafood products, meticulous attention to detail is given at every level, from fishing practices to production processes. Adhering to the longstanding strict purchasing criteria set by Oceanfood Sales, which consider the origin and sourcing of all our raw materials, each Nanuk product is inspected before packaging to guarantee the utmost quality and the best possible experience for consumers. All Nanuk products are manufactured in Oceanfood Sales' state-of-the-art facilities in Richmond, British Columbia. The plant is kosher-certified, SQF-certified, and follows HACCP standards, subjecting each product to constant and thorough quality assurance tests to meet the highest quality standards. The company is committed to the quality of its seafood, offering premium products sourced ethically, of which we are proud to present to you.

Ferme Hudson Valley

Founded in 1982, Les Fermes Hudson Valley is located in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, a municipality in Haut-Saint-Laurent, Quebec, which is the perfect place for all stages of the process, from breeding to sale of duck products. The ducks' feed is 100% plant-based, with an optimal rate of high-quality maize. It is thanks to the fertile land and the ideal temperature of the region that it is possible to produce this high quality corn. The breeding of the Hudson Valley farm is responsible and respectful of the animals. Indeed, each breeder agrees to follow good breeding practices at all times.

Élevage Naturel Rougié

The Rougié family, which has existed since 1875, began transmitting its expertise in Quebec in 2005 by producing in the Eastern Townships with family-owned and artisanal farms. Rougié raises the birds naturally in temperate, well-ventilated, and regularly cleaned buildings. The animals move freely and have access to fresh water at all times. They are fed vegetable grains and raised without antibiotics, hormones, or medications. Rougié's philosophy is based on respect for animal well-being, artisanal methods, and a passion for their profession shared by the entire team.

Creative Salmon

Corrected Sentence: Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification, exclusively raising a species of Pacific fish in the Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1990 by a group of investors with a desire to farm Chinook salmon, Creative Salmon quickly decided to do things differently: No GMOs; No growth hormones; No use of antibiotics; Natural food sources from fisheries that meet the standards of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; A low-density environment (providing more than twice as much space for fish movement and growth compared to a conventional farming environment). It is possible for a salmon farm to be environmentally friendly and operate on a sustainable scale. Creative Salmon considers the environment in everything they do and makes those choices even if it means extra work and cost. Years ago, Creative Salmon was the first salmon farmer on the west coast of Canada to implement an environmental monitoring plan, even before the government required it. They monitor fish using underwater cameras - and were one of the first companies to do so. Each fish enclosure is supervised at each meal by qualified personnel. This makes it possible to optimize the use of food and feed the fish correctly. The company follows a site fallowing plan to minimize environmental impacts, meaning they only operate four of the six farm sites at a time. This allows sites to be rotated and fallow for several years. Even active sites have fallow periods of up to 3 or 4 months between restockings. The plan is guided by the results of the environmental monitoring program as well as site conditions and allows the seabed to return to its natural state. Creative Salmon's long-standing commitment to natural practices and quality achieved a new level of recognition in December 2013 when the company achieved organic certification to the standard set by the General Standards Board from Canada.


Founded in 1994, Anova is a leader in sustainable tuna fishing. With programs such as the initiative Fishing & Living and its collaboration with organizations such as FairTrade, Anova offers responsibly sourced tuna that we are proud to offer and that you can be proud to consume. Anova has this mentality that sustainable fishing is a prerequisite for the continuity of their business. This is why the company prefers to source products that are certified responsible.

Fumoir Grizzly

The Grizzly Smokehouse is one of the largest smokehouses in Canada, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and quality standards that meet international certifications. Indeed, all Grizzly Smokehouse products are internationally certified and promote sustainable fishing. With its cutting-edge facilities, the company maintains a commitment to authenticity and the preservation of traditional methods. And, of course, it always ensures to offer healthy, delicious, and superior-quality products sourced from sustainable fishing!

King Cole Duck

For over 70 years and four generations, King Cole has remained true to ancestral and natural farming practices that embody the integrity of sustainable and responsible agriculture. All products are free from hormones and growth stimulants. They also do not contain any artificial colors, food additives, phosphates, or gluten. Nitrates are used in several fully cooked products to ensure a 30-day shelf life in refrigeration, which is the standard in the North American food retail sector. King Cole has long been recognized for its leadership and management in animal care. Ducks are raised freely in large, well-ventilated barns with access to water and natural feed. Many barns are daily covered with fresh recycled wood shavings, and others are washed to ensure optimal sanitary conditions. Good things come from reduction, reuse, and recycling. King Cole's goal is to use 100% of the products they manufacture, and waste is a crucial part of this sustainable story. The company purchases wood shavings from local woodworking businesses to use as litter on different farm sites. At the end of each cycle, the barns are thoroughly cleaned, and the manure-laden shavings are taken to the composting site. With twenty years of composting experience, they create a clean, odorless, homogeneous, and entirely natural soil amendment with a neutral pH. Their own lands are cultivated with cash crops that receive semi-annual duck fertilizer to increase crop yields. Additionally, two-thirds of their water is fully recycled and used to clean the barns as part of their intensive sanitation protocols.

Carlos Café

Proud of its Colombian origin, the founder's vision is to introduce the gastronomic culture of Colombia to Quebecers, providing them with a unique alternative while bringing a taste of Latin America to the local community. One of the cherished classics at Carlos Café, which we take pride in offering, is the beef empanadas. These delightful treats are made with 100% corn dough and beef.