Who are we?

Réserve Locale started its activities in August 2021. We are a small team determined to help Quebecers eat differently.

Intensive farming has a disastrous impact on the environment. Many farmers are trying to change the industry by practicing more sustainable, responsible and animal-friendly farming. As the saying goes so well "it's not the cow it's the how". Reducing our meat consumption is essential, but encouraging producers who follow sustainable and ecological practices is even more important. The industry is calling for change, but we all need to do our part to see change in our lifetime. This is why our owner, Andréa, started Réserve Locale. To create change, one plate at a time!

A different and advantageous model

By having less surface, employee, management, inventory, packaging (and almost everything), we manage to offer much more interesting and competitive prices than supermarkets. By freezing our entire inventory, we produce no losses and we encourage our customers to do the same!

"Prices on this online marketplace have hardly changed in 1 year. We can see that the business model has a lot to do with it. Our family has been won over!"

- Denis, Capitale-Nationale

A shared mission

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