Boeuf surgelé et emballé sous-vide

Why buy frozen and vacuum-packed meats?

19 January 2023

One of the most common testimonials we receive is how convenient it is for customers to have frozen products on hand at all times! Indeed, these methods haven't become so popular for no reason. Let's talk about the advantages of stocking the freezer with vacuum-packed products!

Preservation of Nutrients

Our freezing process is called "flash freezing." Air is removed from the packaging, and the water contained in the meat is transformed into ice at very high speed and at a very low temperature. Did you know that this thermal process allows for even better preservation of nutrients in the meat, such as Vitamins A and E, as well as antioxidants?

Better Meal Planning

Good meal planning not only reduces waste but also encourages us to cook healthy meals. Just plan the necessary thawing time for your product, and you're good to go! Tip: immerse the packaged product in a basin of cold water to speed up the thawing process!

Reduced Food Waste

Since meat and fish spoil quickly, freezing is one of our best solutions! As our products are individually packaged, you can select the portions you want to cook. That's why both families and individuals appreciate them.

Moreover, freezing allows our company to have ZERO waste, which is quite incredible in the food industry!

Preservation of Texture

Our high-quality freezing and vacuum packaging process allows for the preservation of taste and texture for several months. Thanks to vacuum-sealed bags, the proliferation of microorganisms is put on hold. Thus, the rapid removal of oxygen allows for the preservation of nutritional values, proteins, enzymes, and other elements naturally present in the meats.

Healthy Foods on Hand, at All Times!

It is well known that cooking meals at home and avoiding fast food is linked to better health. Our tip for last-minute dinners that might end up as take-out? Keep ready-to-cook products in the freezer, such as our salmon skewers, gratin dauphinois, marinated chicken breasts/cubes/strips, or even our marinated pork fillets.

Refer to our article " Guide de décongélation " to discover the best techniques!

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