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6 tips for organizing your freezer

19 September 2022

The grocery bill increasing? You need to develop your sense of organization and planning skills! Your worst enemy in terms of economy: waste. Properly organizing the freezer can become your ally in the kitchen. So, we offer you 6 tips that will save you time and prevent waste.

1. Choose the right containers

To preserve the nutritional properties and quality of your frozen foods, you need to limit the air present in the containers. Therefore, avoid choosing containers that are too large compared to the food volume. However, keep in mind that foods expand during freezing. If you use plastic containers, make sure they are tightly closed. If you prefer freezer bags, try to extract as much air as possible before placing them in the freezer.

2. Divide into realistic portions

Before freezing a product, it is important to think about how it will be consumed in the future. Will you consume it alone? With family? For a lunch? By asking yourself these questions, you can freeze your foods in realistic portions and avoid waste.

3. Label the containers

On each container, note the freezing date of the product, as well as the content of the container and its frozen quantity (e.g., 4 chicken breasts, July 20, 2022). Whether for cooking a recipe or a quick dinner, it will be much more efficient and easy to spot your foods in the freezer. You can write this information with a permanent marker directly on the freezer bags or on adhesive tape when your foods are in airtight containers.

4. Categorize products in storage bins

To facilitate access to the foods, installing storage bins in the freezer is a very practical solution. You can easily find them in various stores that offer household items. Do you have a chest freezer? The bins will help you avoid losing items at the bottom of the freezer. Moreover, your storage bins will allow you to classify your foods by category (meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

5. Place foods in a logical order

To prevent waste, you can arrange the products based on their freezing date. This way, place the oldest foods and meals in front, and the most recent ones at the back of the freezer. With each new addition, you can perform a rotation. This way, the first frozen products will be the first consumed!

6. Make a list of products

A final useful step is to indicate on the freezer door all the foods it contains. You can use a large erasable sticky note and write a list of products and quantities. By updating it as you go, you won't forget any items and can easily find a quick dinner idea without even having to open your freezer!

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