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The best cuts of meat for the barbecue

25 June 2023

Barbecue is a culinary art that requires choosing the right cuts of meat to obtain tasty dishes. Whether you're a barbecue novice or expert, knowing which cuts of meat to choose can make all the difference.

Many meats can easily be put on the barbecue, but a few remain the stars of the grill: beef, chicken, pork and lamb.

Grass-fed beef

grass-fed beef

When we talk about barbecue, beef is often the first meat that comes to mind. Whether grilled or in the form of meatballs for hamburgers, it is a particularly interesting meat to cook on the barbecue.

As you probably know, fat contributes greatly to the flavor of meat. It is advisable to choose cuts with good marbling (intramuscular fat), such as our sirloins , strip loins and grass-fed king steak . These cuts of beef are both tender and juicy. Other cuts, such as flank steak , sirloin steak , and filet mignon are also worth mentioning for barbecue pleasures.

We highly recommend choosing pieces of meat that are a good thickness, around 1 to 2 inches, as pieces that are too thin tend to cook quickly and become more dry.

Quebec chicken with vegetable grain

vegetable grain chicken

A delicious grilled chicken is a real source of happiness during a barbecue! Thighs , drumsticks , breasts , wings and skewers are essential classics of this meat on the barbecue.

Indeed, chicken skewers are one of the simplest and most festive ways to prepare it. They can be prepared with different vegetables and marinades, offering a variety of flavors. We just have marinated skewer options on our website.

Chicken breasts are a versatile cut that lends itself well to barbecue. It can be marinated, seasoned or coated in barbecue sauce for added flavor. It is important not to overcook this meat so that it becomes too dry.

Chicken wings are great on the barbecue. They are tasty and can be marinated in different sauces before being grilled to a crispy texture.

Less common, ground chicken to make burger balls is a very tasty and interesting alternative to beef.

Traditionally farmed Quebec pork

traditional farmed pig

Pork is also a big star of successful barbecues! It is a meat that lends itself particularly well to barbecue cooking. Indeed, certain cuts are ideal for grilling, namely fillets , chops , tournedos and of course the essential ribs . Just like beef, pork goes perfectly with marinades, especially for ribs. We have plenty of marinated pork options on our online store! It's a simple way to add even more flavor to your meat.

You can also opt for pork loins . It's a lean and delicious cut, ideal for quick grilling.

Quebec lamb

Quebec lamb

Lamb is one of the meats often forgotten when talking about barbecue, yet it delivers such delicious results. Indeed, slices of leg or rack of lamb offer numerous barbecue cooking possibilities. Leg of lamb is a larger cut and perfect for large tables. It can be boneless or not, then marinated before being cooked slowly over heat.

The lamb will ideally be served slightly pink to preserve all its flavor!

Other original ideas

Duck is an example of meat that we rarely think about putting on the barbecue.

Explore new flavors by giving a new twist to the classic duck breast by flame grilling it.

Many fish and seafood are also great options to grill on the barbecue. Our shrimp , our salmon , our sole and rainbow trout fillets are excellent ideas to try on the barbecue. If you want an already marinated option, we also have maple or 3 pepper marinated salmon skewers.

Some practical advice

When you light your barbecue to treat friends and family, here are some tips for making the right choices when it comes to cooking meats.

Remember to temper your meats

Avoid placing pieces of meat straight from the refrigerator on the grill. Let them rest outside, in a dish, but not in direct sunlight. Allow approximately one hour of rest for each kilogram of meat. This tip allows the meat to relax and thus become more tender.

Think about marinades

If you have time, prepare marinades. There are many recipes to suit all tastes, and it's very easy to prepare! Otherwise, we also offer plenty of already marinated options in the ready-to-cook section of our online store.

Clean your barbecue well

Make sure to clean your barbecue well to prevent the flavors of old cooking from mixing with those of your meats.

Monitor your cooking

Use indirect cooking to avoid drying out your meats. You can also use a meat thermometer to control cooking and achieve perfect results.

Remember that each meat has its own ideal doneness. Check out our cooking temperature guide to get the desired doneness every time!

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